The square root of rope is string

Fences and what I do

I’ve taken to using twitter to post updates on since I can do it more informally and whenever I feel like it. Firstly, I’ve been using a program called Fences to help sort out my desktop icons and so far I’m finding it really handy to be able to group up my icons and not have Windows randomly decide to re-arrange them for me… bliss. You can see my desktop here.

[C++] Pointer Fun – SafeDelete

Introduction SafeDelete and SafeArrayDelete are functions that will delete the data a pointer points to before setting it to NULL. The idea being that they leave the pointer in a safe NULL state so that you don’t try and use a pointer which points to invalid memory. How to - With a Macro You can implement a SafeDelete set-up using a macro, it might well look something like this: