Minor Update

It’s exactly 9 years to the day that I announced that this site had been migrated to Webfaction, so it’s rather fitting that today I announce that is has been migrated again, this time to Hosting UK.

As you could probably tell from the previous announcement, I had grander plans for my little VPS than ever actually materialised. The end result was that I was basically paying $12/mo (~£9.50/mo at the current exchange rate) to host a static website, which was massive overkill, so I’d already been thinking about moving and the recent GoDaddy purchase spurred me on to actually do it.

These days I have very minimal requirements from a webhost:

  • Host static content at a custom domain.
  • Provide email redirects for a custom domain.
  • Provide free SSL certificates, ideally via Let’s Encrypt.
  • Be managed, so that I don’t have to take care of it!

As a stretch goal, I do have a small PHP script powering a custom forum signature image that I like to keep running. It’s not really useful, so it’s purely for nostalgia at this point as I wrote it over 15 years ago and it still works.

If it weren’t for my last requirement then I could probably just host my website on a Raspberry Pi at home, particularly as I already have one running 24 / 7 as a PiHole DNS server and UniFi Controller.

I was initially looking at the “Small+SSL” package from Gandi, however they only provide email services if you host your domain with them, and I’m not looking to move my domains from Namecheap. I then took a look at the “Shared Starter” and “Shared Unlimited” packages from DreamHost, however their starter package doesn’t include email services, and their reasonable prices are only available if you take out a 3 year plan.

A friend of mine suggested Hosting UK, although admitted he’d never used them, but their “Personal Web” package looked like it would perfectly fit the bill, and at £2.95/mo (£3.54/mo with VAT) it was also super cheap! I signed-up, and a couple of hours later everything had been migrated and configured (they use Plesk which makes configuration simple, and file upload was just done via FTP).

Aside from webhosting, I also wanted to provide a quick update on content as it’s been over 2 years since I last posted anything.

For those of you waiting on part 3 of my UE4 localisation series, thank you for your patience. That said, I’m probably going to skip part 3 as I recently rewrote all of the UE4 localisation documentation, and included a section on asset localisation… you can consider that an officially unofficial part 3. I may still write part 4 (about font and text rendering), as that’s an interesting topic to do a deep dive on.

Outside of blog writing (which I’ve clearly been doing none of), I’m still working at Epic as a programmer on UE4. I still own all of the engine localisation development, but my other responsibilities over the past 2 years have included integrating Python as an editor scripting language, and being heavily involved in the development of our collaborative/multi-user editor (which was shown last year at SIGGRAPH, and an early-access version will be available in 4.22).

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