Tune drop

While we wait for my muse to kick in for some non-meta blog posts, here’s some tunes that I’ve found/been shown recently that are really worth sharing.

The first one is Portal 2 related (and probably spoilerish); there’s a song in the game called “Exile Vilify” and someone took that, mixed it with some rain, and put it all on a website. The result is quite impressive, as I’ve found myself listening to this for hours while working and not even realised it’s looped. You can find it on the appropriately named website Chell in the Rain.

The second two tunes were sent around by a colleague at work. I have a bit of a soft spot for chip tunes, and these two are made by Maniacs of Noise (one of which is 23 minutes long and makes excellent background music while working).

Finally, if you like those two tracks above then I’d also recommend checking out the Super Meat Boy OST.

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