Rant Tags Off

So to be fair to the PS3, I said that my experience has so far been mostly good (although I have a feeling this is because I haven’t tried to do anything complicated with the XMB yet). I guess my good experience comes from the fact that there are a few games I enjoy playing on it, and also the fact that I can use my debit card in the PlayStation Store which is something I can’t do in the XBOX Marketplace (they don’t accept Maestro cards).

The games in question are WipEout HD, and Ratchet and Clank. As I said before, WipEout HD is the main reason I bought a PS3, so finding out last week that there was going to be a DLC expansion for the game caused me to almost go running around the office like a crazed fangirlboy, the trailer for the game is below. Can’t wait to try Zone Battle and I really hope their definition of summer is more towards the start of summer :D

I have never played a Ratchet and Clank game before this one, and I feel now that I have been missing out. I love it! The humour in the game is fantastic and somewhat dark (which is also the main reason I love Portal so much) and I’m having a great time playing it, even despite the fact that I sometimes get stuck (game play wise) in a level, and that the enemy collision detecting often screws up a bit leaving them stuck (physically) in walls.

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