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Warning: Rant ahead, if you are a PS3 fan-boy stop reading now. I don’t need your hate.

For my birthday this year I bought myself a PS3 to go with my nice new 42” 1080p HDTV, this now completes my collection of current generation consoles as I also have a 360 and a Wii so I can tell you that this opinion comes from someone who isn’t biased to a particular console. So why did I buy it? Two main reasons, I had a shiny new TV and wanted to see what all the fuss about Bluray was, and I also wanted to play WipEout HD; now leaving aside the fact that buying a console that cost almost £300 to play a £14 game is perhaps a sign of insanity on my part, I have to say my experience so far has been mostly good, bar one thing, “installing… please wait”.

I believe this video (32 - 38 seconds) pretty much sums up my opinion on installing games on the PS3. A friend from work lent me some games to play, one of which was GT5, I had 10 minutes spare before lunch so I thought “Hey, I’ll give it a go”… WRONG! It took 10 minutes just to install the damn thing to the hard drive (what the hell is this, a PC?!) and then took another 20 minutes to download and install updates; perhaps I wouldn’t have minded so much if the hassle of getting the game to play was worth it, but it distinctly wasn’t and I only played the game for about 10 minutes before moving onto another game I had been lent. The most amusing thing about the near constant updates, is when I bought WipEout HD from the PlayStation Store, downloaded it, went to play it and was told that there were five updates for the game… I’m sorry, but I just downloaded over a gigabyte of data and now I need to download more?! Why can’t you just update the version you have on the PlayStation Store so that I don’t have to bother with this? Oh right, yeah, that would make sense wouldn’t it; can’t have that.

Oh, and just don’t get me started on the XMB. No seriously, don’t.

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